About Us

Established in 2021, West Harrison Middle School is committed to Excellence in Academics, Extracurricular Achievements, Inclusiveness, and Community Engagement. We serve approximately 695 students, 7th & 8th Grade. This is accomplished through collaboration of our Principal, two Assistant Principals, two Instructional Coaches, School Counselor, School Nurse, and 60 dedicated Faculty & Staff Members. We offer our students a state of the art learning environment, 102, 786 square feet in size, 48 classrooms, sixteen computer labs, eight science labs,  media center, cafetorium, smartboards in every classroom, practice field for football, baseball field, softball field, state of the art band hall with sound panels designed by an acoustic engineer, gymnasium that can accommodate two practices going on at anytime, and the latest security features.

West Harrison Middle School offers high quality Tier I instruction using College & Career Readiness Standards. Elective Choices are Art, Band, Cyber Foundations II, Physical Education, & Robotics.  Athletics such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, swim, and volleyball are encouraged. Every student at West Harrison Middle School will receive a high quality education from a dedicated faculty and staff in a highly structured learning environment. 

West Harrison Middle School
21411 Landon Road
Gulfport, MS 39503
(228) 831-8808

Dr. Natasha R. Williams

Dr. Geneva Lee
Assistant Principal
7th Grade

Douglas Reid
Assistant Principal
8th Grade

Terri Cothern
Instructional Coach

Dasha Dauzat
Intervention Specialist

Katherine Borho
School Counselor






West Harrison Middle School Daily Schedule

8:00 A.M.- First Bell

8:05 A.M.- 9:00 A.M.- First Period

9:03 A.M.- 9:58 A.M.- Second Period

10:01 A.M.- 10:56 A.M.- Third Period

10:59 A.M.- 12:21 P.M.- Fourth Period

12: 24 A.M.- 1:19 P.M.- Fifth Period

1:22 P.M.- 2:17 P.M.- Sixth Period

2:20 P.M.- 3:15 P.M.- Seventh Period

No events available.